While short-term rentals will be considered, this room is one we would ideally like to sub-let for extended periods.

This room comfortably holds up to 10 people and includes multiple large windows for plenty of sunlight, a mid-size conference table, and its own thermostat. The layout is a little unusual, so please study the photos before booking it.

The room may be rented with the current furnishings, additional chairs and/or tables that we provide, or unfurnished with a minimum of 48 hours of notice.

Short-term rentals include access to our WiFi system. Long-term (a year or longer) tenants are encouraged to secure an independent internet access and phone system.

While the rest of our premises are under video surveillance since we are a testing center, there are no cameras in this room.

Short-term rentals include one of our staff for meeting and greeting, buzzing in visitors, and monitor the waiting room that your clients are welcome to use. You're welcome to use the kitchenette and dining area, which are located immediately outside of this space.

While this room is ADA accessible, there is a column in the kitchenette that makes it a tight fit for someone in a wheelchair. It's possible but requires some tight navigating. A manual wheelchair will fit without a problem. The rest of our premises, including the private restrooms, are ADA accessible.

Space Usage EditEdit Space Usage

Permitted Uses Audio Recording, Performance, Rehearsal, Special Event, Class, Audition, Photo Shoot, Video/Film Shoot, Screening, Reading, Meeting, Exhibition
Disciplines Dance, Music, Theatre, Film, Visual Art
Restrictions On Use * This facility is zoned and licensed for services, so renters may sell tickets and other services but may NOT sell any physical products. * Renters must be insured for any activity that may reasonably result in an injury. (Integrity 1st provides coverage for the physical premises, but damage to the premises as a result of the rental must be covered by the renter.) * Noise levels must be reasonable weekdays. Anything above a typical presentation and group conversation level should be cleared with the owners of Integrity 1st in advance so we can schedule conflicting activities accordingly. * Renters are responsible for setting up and breaking down furnishings and displays other than what we provide, cleaning the kitchenette if they use it, and disposing of the trash. * Renters may not be onsite without a member of the Integrity 1st team being present. This person will handle access through our security system. * Please note that our premises are monitored by video camera for security purposes, and our main entrance requires someone to buzz in visitors. * Proof of liability insurance may be required depending upon the purpose of the rental.


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Booking Policies EditEdit Booking Policies

How To Book

Contact us at DMalewicki@Integrity1stLSS.com or call (203) 800-4100 and ask for Debbie Malewicki. We are cross-posting our availability, so verify that your requested date and time are still free. We will then send an invoice.

Please note that you are expected to cover any liability for your event/organization. Our premises are insured holistically.

Hours Of Operation We are flexible and can arrange for early morning hours (6 AM on) through night hours (up to 10 PM) Monday through Saturday. Sundays are usually available 12:30 through 10 PM, but alternative arrangements can be made for an earlier time with some stipulations on reasonable noise levels in the morning. There will be an additional fee of $50/day for overtime staffing for hours prior to 8 AM for short-term rentals.
Rental Policy 1. Confirm with the business owner that the space is free for the duration of the time you need it as well as any setup and breakdown periods necessary. 2. Once you book the venue, we will decline other interested parties, so we expect at least 72 hours of notice for a cancelation. 3. A 50% deposit is due at the time of the booking, and the balance is due seven days in advance of the date or at the time of the booking if it's less than a week ahead of time. If you are interested in a long-term rental, we will explore a formal rental agreement with terms not necessary reflected in other parts of this listing.
Cancellation Policy * Renters must provide at least 72 hours of notice for a full refund. * We will provide a 50% refund up to 24 hours in advance of the event. * No refund will be offered for a cancellation of less than 24 hours unless it is due to severe weather causing numerous closures locally. * Renters impacted by a severe weather situation will be given first choice of dates to reschedule from our open dates/times. If no mutually satisfactory arrangement can be reached, we will issue a full refund minus an hourly rate of $30 for any time our staff waited onsite that day if the renter did not notify us of the cancellation at least two hours in advance of the rental start time. A long-term rental will be bound by terms of a lease agreement vs. what is noted above.
Open to last minute space requests. true
Booking Requirements Deposit, Full payment, On site meeting, Lease agreement
Rental Personnel Rates include some or all personnel
Performance Personnel -
Payment Types Cash, Credit card
Options Cross-promotion opportunities
Other Allowed Activities -

Features EditEdit Features

Space Dimensions 226.0 sqft
Space Features Air-conditioned, Heated
Technology Cell service, Internet access, WiFi
Flooring Carpet
Stage Configuration -
Stage Dimensions -
Seating capacity -
Seating Flexible seating

Equipment EditEdit Equipment

Lighting Fluorescent, Natural lighting/windows
Furniture Chairs, Tables
Amenities Kitchen/pantry, Private restroom
Instruments and Accessories -
Audio Equipment -
Video/Film Equipment -
Studio Arts/Maker Equipment -

Accessibility EditEdit Accessibility

Parking Free garage/lot parking, Loading dock
Accessibility ADA or AODA compliant, Accessible without stairs, Patron restrooms
Audience Services Restrooms
Miscellaneous -

Rates EditEdit Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Audio Recording - $350 $550 $999
Performance $50 $350 $550 $999
Rehearsal $50 $350 $550 $999
Special Event - $350 $550 $999
Class $50 $350 $550 $999
Audition $50 $350 $550 $999
Photo Shoot $50 $350 $550 $999
Video/Film Shoot $50 $350 $550 $999
Screening $50 $350 $550 $999
Reading $50 $350 $550 $999
Meeting $50 $350 $550 $999
Exhibition $50 $350 $550 $999

Non-Profit Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Audio Recording - $300 $500 $990
Performance $40 $300 $500 $990
Rehearsal $40 $300 $500 $990
Special Event - $300 $500 $990
Class $40 $300 $500 $990
Audition $40 $300 $500 $990
Photo Shoot $40 $300 $500 $990
Video/Film Shoot $40 $300 $500 $990
Screening $40 $300 $500 $990
Reading $40 $300 $500 $990
Meeting $40 $300 $500 $990
Exhibition $40 $300 $500 $990

Membership Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Audio Recording - $300 $500 $990
Performance $40 $300 $500 $990
Rehearsal $40 $300 $500 $990
Special Event - $300 $500 $990
Class $40 $300 $500 $990
Audition $40 $300 $500 $990
Photo Shoot $40 $300 $500 $990
Video/Film Shoot $40 $300 $500 $990
Screening $40 $300 $500 $990
Reading $40 $300 $500 $990
Meeting $40 $300 $500 $990
Exhibition $40 $300 $500 $990

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