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Integrity 1st Learning Support Solutions, LLC

446A Blake Street, Suite 101, New Haven, CT, 06515

Perfect for one-on-one meetings or small groups, this room can comfortably accommodate 4-8 people depending upon the furniture configuration. It includes the whiteboard and cork boards shown, offers plenty of natural sunlight, and is situated right off of our waiting room.

This room could be the perfect setting to interview actors, colleagues, and/or vendors or simply to plan your event.

Please note that we are a testing center, which requires that a member of our staff is onsite any time the premises are occupied. This person can meet and greet your visitors and will buzz them in through our security system. Due to the nature of a testing center: testing rooms will be locked when not in use, no guns are permitted on the premises under any circumstances, and please note that we utilize video surveillance.

We are a newly-renovated, ADA-compliant facility as of spring 2019.

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446A Blake Street, Suite 101, New Haven, CT, 06515

While short-term rentals will be considered, this room is one we would ideally like to sub-let for extended periods.

This room comfortably holds up to 10 people and includes multiple large windows for plenty of sunlight, a mid-size conference table, and its own thermostat. The layout is a little unusual, so please study the photos before booking it.

The room may be rented with the current furnishings, additional chairs and/or tables that we provide, or unfurnished with a minimum of 48 hours of notice.

Short-term rentals include access to our WiFi system. Long-term (a year or longer) tenants are encouraged to secure an independent internet access and phone system.

While the rest of our premises are under video surveillance since we are a testing center, there are no cameras in this room.

Short-term rentals include one of our staff for meeting and greeting, buzzing in visitors, and monitor the waiting room that your clients are welcome to use. You're welcome to use the kitchenette and dining area, which are located immediately outside of this space.

While this room is ADA accessible, there is a column in the kitchenette that makes it a tight fit for someone in a wheelchair. It's possible but requires some tight navigating. A manual wheelchair will fit without a problem. The rest of our premises, including the private restrooms, are ADA accessible.

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446A Blake Street, Suite 101, New Haven, CT, 06515

The Blue Room is a 900+ sq. ft., fully ADA-accessible, comfortable space that would be great for events, presentations, readings, and exhibits.

We can provide chairs and tables, or you may bring your furnishings.

Space rental includes shared use of our waiting room, kitchenette (including the refrigerator and other appliances), dining area, and two restrooms immediately outside of our space also utilized by one other tenant.

The rates include staffing for reception, free parking onsite (largely unlimited nights and weekends and some limitations weekdays), and basic setup and breakdown of furniture and cleaning, although renters are responsible for setting up and breaking down furnishings and display items they provide and are expected to handle basic cleanup such as trash disposal. (Reasonable amounts of trash may be placed in our dumpster.)

Our premises are newly renovated in the spring of 2019 and fully ADA accessible.

We are located on three main bus lines that stop directly across from our driveway, in sight of the entrance.

We provide testing services on the premises, so sound must be kept within a reasonable level weekdays and some evenings. Due to the nature of this service, one of our staff members must be onsite any time the facility is in use, and testing rooms will be locked. These steps will not restrict use of the areas covered under the rental agreement.

Please note that no guns are allowed on the premises under any circumstance.

We are a Safe Zone Ally business who support diversity in all populations. We look for the same respect from our renters and their clients in interacting with our staff and any other clients who may be on the premises during rental periods.

Please note that due to the terms of business license, renters may sell services but NOT products onsite.

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